Fire Risk Assessments

We are competent and insured to carry out your Fire Risk Assessments please contact us to book a fire risk assessment survey today.

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Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket Supply

The range of Fire Extinguishers. Water, Foam, Powder, CO2 and Wet Chemical type fire extinguishers. Our fire extinguishers and each emergency fire blanket are suitable for use within the UK.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

Fire extinguisher commissioning is the process of setting up fire extinguishers prior to use. It is tempting to assume that if you buy a brand new fire extinguisher from a dealer or online, that they have been set up in the factory, and can simply be taken out of the box, ready for use.

Fire Extinguisher Rental

When renting fire extinguishers, there is no annual service or replacement parts to pay for, so you are able to effectively budget for annual charges

Fire Extinguisher Wall mounting

All fire extinguishers must be fixed in a permanent position and it depends on the particular extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Signage

Fire Extinguisher Signs are crucial in an emergency. Alert people to the location of fire fighting equipment with effective fire safety signs.

Fire Extinguisher Disposal

Kurt Fire Protection provide fire extinguisher disposal through the safe and guaranteed recycling of fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment.